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    Division Chairman set up teams


    12 Games

    12 Game Season

    May-July 2022


    Crown Winner


    August 2022

  • About ABA GOLD 2022

    ABA Gold (ABAG Format) – (More details on game format to come later)


    12 Game Season will run from May – July 2022 


    Playoffs and Regional Championships will be 1st weekend of August 2022


    ABAG Teams will be assigned to a regional unit. Each unit will consist of 5 teams max (minimum of 4 teams) lead by a Division Coordinator.  All games must be played in an indoor facility. 



    Division Coordinators

    1. Must be current ABA team owner in good standing (team adhered to all of the requirements in Operation Upgrade during the regular season).

    2. Must have played the entire ABA season preceding the start of ABA Gold season.

    3. No brand new owners. Must have 1 or more years of experience in the ABA.

    4. Verify that all referees used by the teams must have at least high school and/or college experience. No family members will be allowed to referee games involving their own family.

    5. Ensure all games are played by ABAG First to 50 guidelines (will be presented at a later date).

    6. Approve teams’ schedules within the unit prior to season start.

    7. Communicate with all teams within their unit weekly.


    Team Owners

    1. Must be current ABA team owner in good standing (team adhered to all of the requirements in Operation Upgrade during the regular season).

    2. Team should be comprised of at least 50% ABA Players.

    3. Understand that the ABA standards apply to all ABAG games in addition to the unique ABAG rules.

    4. Owners are responsible for the cost of the facility to play games.

    5. Owners are responsible for hiring quality referees (verified credentials) and for the cost of referees.

    6. Must update their website regularly and should film all games.

    7. Must provide stats and report game scores within 24 hours of the conclusion of a game.

    8. Each team will receive an exclusive ABA Gold NFT minted for their team (team photos and bundled player sets) and receive a percentage of the sales.


    ABAG Players

    1. Each player will have an exclusive ABA Gold NFT Player Card minted in their likeness and will receive a percentage of the proceeds.

    2. Players are entitled to a portion of the Division prize money if their team wins the Division.


    ABAG Team Personnel

    1. All ABAG personnel for each team (managers, trainers, etc.) will receive an exclusive ABA Gold NFT minted in their likeness and will receive a performance-based percentage of the proceeds.


  • Participation Fee

    All teams will have to pay a $1,000 participation fee to be part of ABA Gold. All fees must be paid in full by March 30, 2022.


    The fee is broken down in the following manner and is in line with other Spring/Summer Leagues:


    50% - Towards Regional prize money

    20% - Division Coordinators

    20% - ABAG

    10% - ABA



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